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Digital Transformation

At ECI, we work with our clients to discover the missing piece and recommend bespoke solutions guaranteed to deliver successful outcomes. From ideation to proof of concept, from designing to deployment, we listen and facilitate the successful transition of your organisation from the current state to an enviable future state with an in-built mechanism for continuous process improvement. Get in touch with us today to become a great example of a success story! Add link to contact us!  

Process Improvement

Organisational processes routinely need to be analysed to discover lags and painpoints. Using tested techniques, our team of improvement analysts work with your team to design optimization solutions for your processes. The feedback received from our clients have demonstrated that our unique approach to disrupting processes using technology always delivers value and excellent outcomes for our clients. Get in touch with us today to become a great example of a success story! 

Change Management

Organizational change involves the actions/steps a business takes to change or adjust a significant component of its organization. This may include company culture, internal processes, underlying technology or infrastructure, corporate hierarchy, or other critical aspects.

Organizational change can be either adaptive or transformational: Adaptive changes are small, gradual, iterative changes that an organization undertakes to evolve its products, processes, workflows, and strategies over time. Hiring a new team member to address increased demand or implementing a new work-from-home policy to attract more qualified job applicants are both examples of adaptive changes. Transformational changes are larger in scale and scope and often signify a dramatic and, occasionally sudden, departure from the status quo. Launching a new product or business division, or deciding to expand internationally, are examples of transformational change. Our expertise at ECI is to aid your organisation through the journey and guide organizational change to fruition, from the earliest stages of conception and preparation, through implementation and, finally, to resolution.

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